Agrosale Company was established in 2016 in Azerbaijan, with a branch in Moscow. Company is specialized in supplying a variety of products. At this point a wide range of the best varieties of fruits and vegetables, an energy drink, and others are in the list. The scope of activities also includes the purchase, transportation, customs clearance and sale. Selected vegetables and fruits, prompt deliveries are a priority for our company.

For its regular clients the company offers a flexible system of discounts. We get only fresh fruits and vegetables at the lowest prices directly from suppliers, which allow us to establish the lowest prices for fruit and vegetables. Our company employs highly qualified specialists who are able to prove themselves well with extensive experience in this area, owning a broad aspect of product information, always ready to advise the client. Products pass through a manual selection before sending them to the client, which eliminates the supply of low-quality products to the customer.

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