9MM ENERGY DRINK 9MM Energy Drink is a fruity carbonated drink with high caffeine content (32 mg/100ml) and taurine. Three main components: sugar, caffeine and taurine. The caffeine content in the energy drink is about the same as in a cup of coffee. In addition to the three main components the energy drink also contains other ingredients, which increase performance and enhance alertness. Taurine is an amino acid, which is also produced naturally by the human body. It has a role in regulating heart and muscle operation. It also assists in the flow of the glucose into the cells, thereby assuring an energy supply and increasing physical performance. The B vitamins support cells in the process of transforming sugar into energy. Furthermore, they improve muscle tone. Components * water * sugar * acidifier (citric acid) * carbon dioxide (min. 4 g/l) * taurine:

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